Soeurs de la Visitation Broadview meeting

Reporting on the controversial high density massive condo project by Ashcroft Developments;  The standing room only meeting last night at Broadview Public school was boisterous and outspoken. I am pleased to see Highland, McKellar, Island Park residents speaking out with outrage over the City of Ottawa inaction regarding the development of former Soeurs de la Visitation site, 114 Richmond rd. Is it is a historic site or just a site of particular interest? Never before were people able to see over the of the high walled cloister. This areal view shows the other side of the walls showing a beautiful 19 century stone clutch of buildings and classic gardens.

KW Cares

I picked up a substantial cheque from KW Cares today. Kw cares is a committee of Keller Williams Ottawa Realty that attends to matters of social awareness. This is the first time I’ve appealed to the committee for funding and I’m pleased they came through. The cheque is for Cornerstone Women’s shelter in Ottawa. I’m happy to fund raise for the shelter. Initially the idea was to raise $5000 representing 5000 nautical miles I flew in the International Air Rally last August. There is something about the women’s shelter that echoes back to when I was a youngster living in Cardinal Heights Ottawa. My mother was a single mom and raising two children basically on her own income. As a fashion model her income was seasonal. Spring was for fur coats and fall was bathing suits. We always had trouble with rent. I’m pleased to give back to the community and to women in particuliar.