Our Team offers Service to Seniors

The Elder Group is experienced in the Seniors’ Real Estate market and is committed to helping Seniors find appropriate housing and make a successful transition from their current home.

Our commitment to seniors is demonstrated by his unique network of service providers that enhances their Real Estate experience. These services include professionals who offer the following services:

  • home care and maintenance
  • health care
  • legal advice regarding estate planning, wills and trusts
  • investment and personal financial services
  • appraisals and auctions
  • assistance with downsizing
  • moving, cleaning and storage
  • lifestyle transition planning (help in selecting appropriate retirement accommodation)

Why use a seniors’ specialist?

The reasons are many.

Moving from your long-held home is stressful at the best of times. While most seniors hope to never move from their current home, changes in their lifestyle and personal situation may occur quickly and dramatically. For seniors who have not bought or sold a home in many years the sale of their home may be overwhelming and complex.

Why choose The Elder Group?

We enjoy working with seniors, after all, Martin Elder, our lead REALTOR®, is an Elder! His extensive experience, natural problem solving skills, empathy and resourcefulness will expedite the process of moving and help to relieve stress.

The Elder Group offer a full range of Real Estate Services including free market analysis, relocation, and buying and selling residential, recreational and investment properties.

We offer free consultations on a number of important issues related to Real Estate matters.

  • Should we stay in the family home or move on?
  • What about renovating our current home and adapting it to our changing needs?
  • What are the pros and cons of moving to a condo, smaller home, retirement community or building and in-law suite?
  • If assisted living is required, what are the options?

Visit for a wealth of resources available for Seniors in the Ottawa area.

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