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Our objective is to ensure our clients achieve their Real Estate dreams. We attain superior results by working a proven system to sell your property. Personalized service, creative marketing, and unique negotiating define our Real Estate success.


The Elder Group Four Step Process


PREPARE AND PRESENT: a total commitment to creating a lasting first impression.

The Elder Group will:

  1. Focus on the home features with the goal of making it appear as desirable as possible to the greatest number of buyers.
  2. Suggest alterations that make your home more desirable to buyers.
  3. Provide merchandizing strategies and tips to make your property more appealing.
  4. Create attractive Feature Sheets and advertising with colour photographs for prospective buyers.


PERSONALIZED PROSPECTING: We strive to connect you with qualified buyers and the greatest number of qualified buyers in the shortest time frame

The Elder Group will:

  1. Network with REALTORS® of various companies apprising them of the features that make your property unique and attractive.
  2. Network with neighbours through door to door and phone contact, making them aware of a new home for sale.
  3. Market for qualified buyers who may be looking for just the type of property you’re offering.


MARKETING ANALYSIS: an ongoing evaluation of the progress in attaining your goal

The Elder Group will:

  1. Record all showings and marketing activity.
  2. Contact REALTORS® to ask for their client comments regarding the visit to your property, following-up on every preview and showing.
  3. Review market conditions and marketing progress every 2 to 4 weeks until your property is sold.
  4. Document every step of the sales process.
  5. Communicate all pertinent information to you involving you in the selling process to the extent you wish


THE SALE AND CLOSING: The most critical stage of the process will be completed with your intended goal in mind

The Elder Group will:

  1. Negotiate the best price and terms for our client using our wealth of experience, in-depth training, and excellent reputation.
  2. Keep you informed from the initial agreement to closing.
  3. Arrange and monitor all post-agreement activity, including property inspections, financing, and legal issues.
  4. Work to solve any complications that may arise during the conditional sale stage and provide expert contacts to have work completed quickly and to your advantage.
  5. Manage your Real Estate transaction to a successful ending Let your Dreams Take Flight!

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