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Rave Reviews

I can’t say enough positive things about my experiences with Martin.
Including family members, he has helped on four transactions and made each one an enjoyable experience. I think the only thing more that he could have done was to help pack – he probably would have if we had asked. I have no problem recommending Martin to anyone in need of a reliable honest agent and will certainly make use of his services again should the need arise.

James Eyamie

Martin helped my parents navigate the daunting task of downsizing from their home of 30+ years into a condo. He guided them every step of the way with a kind and patient hand and a sense of humour to keep it light and fun. Along the bumpy road of buying and selling inevitably nerves and anxiety would set in and he was always quick to provide reassurances with his calm demeanour and insights gleaned from years of experience. His warmth and sincerity (and jokes) were always welcome during this
transitional time and we were glad to have Martin as our steady guide throughout.

Sherry Garcia

Was so glad to have had Martin recommended to us! He was patient and honest in walking us (all four of us!) through the search for and purchase of our first home. We were supported through the ups and downs and never once felt pressured, and Martin was readily available when we needed him. Thanks to Martin, we found a home that is perfect for all of us!

Alison Milan

Martin helped us both buy and sell our home quickly.  He was very
attentive to our needs and requests.  I appreciated his broad knowledge
of building construction and architecture.  He went above and beyond on
a few items to ensure we had the best chance for success. Would
recommend. Taryn Glancy

Martin is the best, and the most fun too! What a happy combination, laughing all the way to my bank with the help of his good advice. His having been an artist comes in handy and so does his hard work and very strong knowledge. I’ll be back!

Gwen Ely

Martin Elder combines a cheerful, empathetic nature with keen pragmatism and knowledge of the market. He is particularly adept at dealing with difficult personalities and goes the extra mile to serve his clients!


Martin Elder. What isn’t there to say? If Martin Elder were in a thesaurus, he’d be listed under words for kind, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. His knowledge about houses top to bottom and inside and out is extensive. If he tapped on a house and told me the exact age of it, I’d believe him. Houses talk to him and he communicates their messages to us. Martin is a house whisperer and we are honoured to have been able to work with him.


A colleague from work recommended Martin to us. We’re very glad that he did, because we are extremely pleased with Martin’s services. We are first-time home buyers, with limited knowledge about the real estate market and houses in general. For every house we visited with Martin, he was very observant and readily shared his knowledge about the house; information that was very useful to us. We never felt rushed or pressured to purchase. Martin shared with us that he was once a teacher. It’s easy to believe given how generously he shares his knowledge, his patience, and his willingness to answer questions. He is funny, bilingual, available, experienced, kind and always on time. We highly recommend Martin as your next real estate agent.

Nicolas Gosselin

Two days ago, thanks to Martin Elder, we sold our home on exactly the day Martin told us we would. A single week on the market and at over asking price! My wife and I could not be happier and the sale could not have gone more smoothly.

Martin Elder helped us buy our first home over ten years ago and when it came time to sell we knew he was the only one we wanted to represent us. Martin has been exemplary in his attention to detail, responsiveness and deep knowledge of Ottawa’s real estate market. He has always come through for us and is a pleasure to work with. As nice as he is, Martin will also fight for you – Trust me, you want him in your corner during negotiations.

A strong and heartfelt recommendation from our family. Thank you Martin!

Robert McGregor

Martin helped us buy our first home during a brutal seller’s market, and
it was a sale we are happy with. So there’s not much more you could ask
for! He always had a great intuition for the price we would need to pay
for a house (which was definitely always well higher than the listed
price) and always told it like it is, which was appreciated. He was very
fast setting up our viewings and gave us the guidance we needed to make
our purchase.


I was happy Martin was patient and had some old world experience to offer. I suppose this is called wisdom but his building background, his visual art background and his big picture perspective helped a lot in the buying process. He knows what he’s talking about and is active in the buying selling market himself. Highly recommended.


I’m very happy that we were introduced to Martin when we decided to sell our condo. The first thing he did was give us a market comparison list of similar sales in our neighbourhood. That gave us a ball-park figure to work with. Then it was time to get moving and get motivated, that’s where Martin’s expertise shines through. With gentle nudging here and there and helpful suggestions, we managed to get through this process. It was a daunting task but once the listing hit the market there was a flurry of activity and it sold in one day for over-asking. A job well-done, Martin!


From the time we bought our house in Ottawa, until very recently when we sought more information about our property – Martin has been extremely helpful and resourceful with his knowledge in this field. We consider us to be very fortunate to have him as our realtor. It has been a great pleasure doing business with Martin!

Ishita Ghose

My brother and I couldn’t have found a better realtor than Martin if we had interviewed 20 candidates as we faced the daunting task of selling our elderly mother’s home in Westboro. Martin knew the neighbourhood like the back of his hand, and he was a real pro in how he held our hands as we proceeded through every precarious step of the sales process. We had many ups and downs in the sales journey but Martin was always calm in advising us. He is like a veteran hockey coach. He never panics. He knows his stuff. He knows people and how to anticipate their concerns and how to answer them. Thanks, Martin, for a job well done.

Vil Meere