Attractive Restaurants and Cafes add significantly to the popularity of living in the Westboro, Hintonberg neighbourhoods. Many people who live outside the Richmond road Wellington corridor are willing to pay more for homes located within walking distance of the services and this is the attraction the supports the higher neighbourhood values. Some people call it the Walking Score. The more services and attractions found within a kilometre circumference the higher the score. So you might imagine that if you could walk to the Ottawa River, a bakery, coffee shops, a library, a bank, a hardware store, a grocery store and a florist then if follows that the community would be attractive to a large demographic population. One of my recent discoveries it  A Thing for Chocolate.

A Thing for Chocolate is a surprising new eatery in the Wellington Village. Despite the name which brings to mind sweet deserts, there are also delightful savory lunch offerings like my favourite homemade crepe cordon blue, or the weekly special; Goat cheese, prosciutto and asparagus in a buckwheat flower crepe. So simple yet exotic and it is Gluten Free! The crepes are presented in a folded manner that is perfect for a well garnished plate. Omar makes all the ingredients. I recently visited the shop and saw him roasting hazelnuts to be ground for his delicious hazelnut mousse.  So good! Of course there are chocolates, scones , and mille feuille pastries garnished with chocolate to admire.

I’m pictured beside Omar Fares, the Chef of this simple and delicious fare at A Thing For Chocolate. Omar, his wife Moni and four children recently immigrated to Canada bringing with them classic French training. Omar pays tribute to Paris with the celebrated the Eiffel Tower theme on the walls, plates and cups. Thoughtful phrasings are posted on walls to make your visit engaging. Thursday evenings, musicians take the floor and offer acoustic music. A Thing for Chocolate is a hidden delight!


A Thing for Chocolate

1262 Wellington West

613-695-3533A thing for Chocolate A thing for chocoalte sign

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