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My Real Estate Guy!

It is the combination of the huge knowledge base of many years experience, balanced with an enthusiasm and freshness that makes you think your his first and only customer that makes Martin (and his team) stand out. I have sold properties before, but, suffice it to say it was never like the experience I had with Martin. I truly felt like he had our interests during one of the more stressful times in our lives. What more could you ask for. Well, maybe an airplane ride at the end of it all!!

 It was in the selling of our home that Martin’s true skills truly shined. The market was slow and we started to get anxious. Martin anticipated this, sent emails and called spontaneously just to update us and to give the “don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you message”. I came to find myself bragging to my friends about “My guy”. i.e. “my guy came to my house with his son (who is obviously learning from a master and has the innate talent too) and actually staged it themselves. They moved the furniture, told me to get rid of this, add that etc. and wow did my house look great”. ” my guy had an open house where he served champagne “. “my guy did an open house every Sunday”, “my guy came up with ideas to keep the on line  add looking fresh and appealing” . You get the idea.

 Joanne and Louis Morissette