What do I pay for my real estate Buyer Agent?

It was at the end of a successful transaction with a happy Buyer and I think a happy Seller when the Buyers asked, Martin, how much do we pay for your real estate service? This question came as a surprise to me as I had talked about fees long before we began looking at houses for sale. I guess they were not listening. They were even happier when I told them the fees are traditionally paid by the Seller selling the home and so they owed nothing, not a cent for Real estate fees on closing day!  

It’s a reasonable arrangement when you think of it. The seller purchased ten years ago and often house prices will nearly double every ten years. The seller is happy to reap the rewards of sound appreciation on their initial investment. So paying the listing fees is a small price to pay for a net capital gain. And when you think of it, I mean really think about how house prices increase it is the Real estate agent who is the primary agent in increases value! After all house prices don’t automatically go up year after year. Someone has to speculate how the buying market will respond to a given home in a specific part of the city. That would be the skilled Real estate agent.

Call  and ask about closing fees on selling or buying of real estate. Real estate fees, Lawyers fees, Land transfer tax, HST, Municipal taxes, Surveys, Mortage Fees, Disbursements…

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