Oh! no, It ‘s that time of the year again when I can’t remember the rhyme that helps me set the change in clock times, whether to fall forward or to fall back; to sit up or to sleep in, to slip in or spring out! I was never any sort of a gymnast, but I knew how to run. I loved cross country running in the fall. Love to hear the crickets chirp their slow fall rhythm. Come to think about it when I change the clock I replace the batteries in my smoke detectors. Good idea!

Why does the time have to change anyway? I just get used to setting it one way and then it changes. Why couldn’t we settle for a half hour time change and then … make it permanent! What do YOU think about all this time change business? Does it save electricity? Does it save heating costs? Does it save on insurance claims? or does it add to your frustration? So, let’s sleep in and wake up at the same time. What? It will still be a busy morning. We’ll move the clock one hour back in our Ottawa house. Spring foreward and fall back.


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