REAL Estate professionals have the duty to inform the people of their services and to discuss agency relationships. We have to do this so that people don’t inadvertntly tell us information about their buying or selling needs and discover this is used to to impoverish their situation. We have the duty of representing our clients so that they have current, inside knowledge when they make the decision to purchase.

I treat everyone with the same dedication. At some point early in the visiting of houses I ask clients to make an informed choice as to which Real Estate Professional they choose to work with. It is only when a Buyer contract is signed that the client is considered by real estate people as having engaged a Real Estate Professional to work for them.

Real estate professionals must complete several legal forms when an offer to purchase a house is presented to a selling office. Each of the forms contain affirmations that the buyer has chosen to be represented by a specific Real Estate Professional and office. I find the public is shy of this and as such its often undisclosed untill much later in the process. In my buyer package, not only do I provide maps and lots of useful information, I provide copies of these forms, and I provide a “termination of buyer agency” so there is “a way out” for the buyer should they feel ill at ease. But my Buyers have never needed to use the form I’m pleased to say. So.. there is no specific etiquette. You work with whom you wish. There may be several people at least in the beginning. However the more time a Real Estate Professional spends with an uncomitted client, the more time they’ve invest, the more they are disappointed when they are finaly told if they are in fact told there was another unknown agent also working with the same client. Experienced Real Estate Professionals will often make a conscious decision to avoid Buyers who are not ready to move forward on the paperwork. I’t’s all about making decisions; making the best use of time, the best use of expertise and a personal fit.

Spring is a great time to relocate. Did you know that the real estate cycle has two peaks per calendar year. Generally speaking, one wave occurs in the spring and a second occurs in the fall with the earlier wave being larger in volume with more homes for sale and more buyers. The second wave is still strong but there are fewer of both buyers and sellers and it is short lived. Everyone wants to be moved into their new home by the summer hollidays. Of course at this time, the house you are looking for; your new home is not yet listed for sale! So now is the time to prepare. Learn about community, about value and price relationship and prepare your finances.

I like the areas you are focusing on as potential neighbourhoods. They are dynamic with good infrastructure and special features like mature homes and trees not to mention higher values and this alone may be a valuable. Wealth likes to live with wealth. There is an element of security in this paradigm. Specialty groups seek secure areas.

I’d like to set up an automatic search for you according your criteria. I’ll select the areas you just mentioned. At first you will receive 20 to 40 properties but after you will be notified as properties are sold and new listings will pop up week by week. If you see a specific property tell me and I’ll send detailed info. If you wish to stop the service you have the ability to remove your address. By the way, when the time comes I have the ability to search back into provincial archives to view the complete history and current assesment of a property and to search by block to compare current values. This is helpful when bargaining to know as much or more than the seller about their own property.

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