Three ways to choose a Real Estate Agent and One Word of Warning!

Three ways to choose a Real Estate Agent and One Word of Warning.

1. Choose an agent in Ottawa who looks professional in every way. This includes grooming, clothing and shoe apparel. Consider the appearance of their car. It’s not that I promote judging a book by the cover, no, it ‘s more a matter of detail.  Nice clothing and good grooming are not indicators of knowledge, experience or powerful negotiating skills. No, but managing detail is a major part of a real estate transaction and most agents handle several clients at various stages of buying and selling. So managing the paperwork, appointment’s and timelines are extremely important for a stress free transactions. You want your agent to be available in a timely manner. So managing the least obvious detail like shiny shoes and a clean car may be an indicator of competent management skills. They are organized and engaged.

2. Choose an agent who has experience buying or selling in the market that interests you. There are so many specialized real estate markets; Residential, Residential luxury, Condo, Condo High-rise, Waterfront, Building lot, Development, Commercial Purchase or Lease,  Rental, Investment, International Investment to name a few. Some agents have multiple specialties. Talk with them and share your knowledge and ask questions. Do they have answers or do they just talk and talk? Will they research  information to help you make choice? Do they actively listen and hear what motivates your search?

3. Choose and agent who shows experience in life; shows maturity. This can mean they have accomplished many things prior to becoming an agent. They have advanced education or exceptional life skills. They understand the cycles of life and see a panorama of consequence unfolding when a buyer or seller prepare to make a choice.  This sounds a little fortune teller like, but in my experience it’s not far from the truth! You want someone who advocates for you, and at the same time is engaged in promoting your interest not their own interest. It may be a business transaction for the agent but the outcome affects the client for life.

Word of Warning: Advertising is a powerful tool. It is called top of mind in the marketing lingo and flyers, bench signs, lawn signs and TV shows are great at promoting an ego, an agent or company. What is more important to you is how you interact together.  You need to feel they are loyal and trustworthy. Having a sense of humour is also top of the list!