Sell your Home with bright Spring Flowers

Students at Richard Pfaff Alternate school recall animated discussion on the notion that a florist may trade in fresh flowers but the commodity they sell is symbolic of Joy, Hope, Beauty and Happiness. Interesting thought! Few things are more beautiful than a bouquet of spring flowers. Green plants and flowers brighten a room and renew our connection with nature.

There is something about living plants that adds a finishing touch to a lovely room. They do the same for the exterior. Celebrate spring with bright annuals and rich perennials. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A pot of pansies or marigolds will last the whole summer and brighten your outlook on life!

In real estate terms the landscaping is called curb appeal. The instant a Buyer arrives at your front door the quest to win their heart has begun. Thick grass with trim boarders and dense shrubery suggests a well cared for, healthy home. Cut flowers on the diningroom table suggest luxury and are a good way to capture the heart of your Buyer.

I’m photographed with a fresh shipment of Bromeliads and Ranunculus.