Raining; The best time to buy a house in Ottawa

Its raining at noon today. Clouds hang low over the city. Streets shine with dull reflections of the dark sky. I feel claustrophobic at my desk. I want to go outside and feel the warm wind in my hair, but today is also a good time to look at houses for sale in Ottawa! But remember, that Buyers and Sellers are emotionally effected by high pressure and low pressure weather systems. Consider this; a house is listed for sale. Its cloudy with showers. No one visits the house for a week. Is the price too high the owner asks? Next, the sun comes up and dries up all the streets. Suddenly the phone rings with appointments to visit the house. Its probable the weather improvement has affected the Buyers emotions.

People love the sunshine but houses on the other hand show well for Buyers when shadows are at a minimum. Strong contrasting shadows are created when sunshine pours in windows and lights up a room. The eye tends to look toward the light. Sunlight makes the room more interesting and feel more inviting, warmer. People say the dark holds secrets and fear the dark. But as a Buyer, when the weather is poor you see a house at it’s most difficult viewing. This means the house shows it’s most honest or neutral side on cloudy days. Buyers are better equipped to evaluate room space for furniture placement, for family entertainment, kitchen work areas, counters and back yard play. For Sellers, bad weather means wet shoes in the house, raincoats, umbrellas, a chill in the air, and dampness. Smart Sellers anticipate the weather prepare the house for the wet visitor.

Taking photos for a new listing in poor weather is tricky. The Real Estate Professional wants the house to appear spacious, bright and welcoming. Colours, architectural features and furniture should appear crisp and contrasting. The eye loves detail and when viewing a good house photo will seek out information. A camera that can take a long exposure is excellent for home interiors, or consider postponing the photo shoot until the weather improves!

The best time to buy a house in Ottawa is now! The best time to sell a house in Ottawa is now. Now is always the best time!