Housing for Newcomers to Ottawa

Welcome to Canada and the Nation’s Capital – Ottawa!
With years of industry experience, from apartment rentals to home sales, to commerical properties to cottages, Martin Elder’s team can provide newcomers with a variety of services, resources and tools to make the housing hunt a little easier.

Renting. Buying. Mortgages. 

Housing for newcomers to Ottawa can vary from bachelor apartments to multi-bedroom homes and everything in-between.

martin elder newcomers to canadaFor those looking to rent, Team Elder Home Sales can walk you through the steps: reviewing apartments, understanding what is and is not included in the base rent, first and last month’s rent, even the steps involved in signing a lease agreement.

For those interested in buying a home or condominium, our team can delve into key areas including what to look for when buying a home, the importance of location, access to transportation, the accessibility and availability of community resources, how to determine what you can afford and how financing works, and ultimately, we can help you through the negotiation process – making and offer and closing the deal.

Helping New Canadians Call Ottawa Home

If you are new to Ottawa and need real estate housing assistance, get in touch with Team Elder Home Sales. We are eager to welcome you to the neighbourhood!