Getting Plastered, on the Job!

Good tools and several coats of plaster help.

Getting Plastered on the job!

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Old skills are called upon to help an Ottawa home owner needing a little help before the public viewing two days before the Open House. There may be heightened stress levels but there is no need to scream and moan. In fact lets have some fun at it. Right Chris? Eh Margaret? You with me Mike? That’s it mates, pitch in and let’s all get plastered on the job! mind, we must do a spick and span of it, eh Gov?

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Of all the house hold do it yourself jobs, plastering is one of the hardest skills to master. It is seldom done with sufficient duration by the home owner to get good at it, unlike painting that has repeated movements with low strength requirement. You can be a good painter but plastering will tire you out and in the end you’ll not be happy with the job and not at all happy with the extra work you’ll have to perform to return your botched plastering job to something that looks presentable. Plastering is exhausting and frustrating. But it’s fun! My advice is hire a good plasterer and try your hand at painting. You’ll be happier.
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I love the buttery feel of watered down plaster. It’s alive and has to be treated with care or it will slide off the mortar board onto your shoe. The secret is … drum roll… is to apply in several thin applications. This will hasten the drying time, fill bubbles, and reduce greatly the sanding. Yes! there should be very little sanding when plastering is done well.

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Good luck with it and remember you heard it here first. Anyone interested in a free home appraisal in Ottawa call me. It is so much easier than learning to plaster!
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