Home staging and home deodorizers (plug-ins) !

The pleasant smell of cooking on Thanks Giving Day brings back memories of happy family gatherings, delicious prepared meals, conversation and laughter. I think of Turkey, roast potatoes, salad and wine, apple pie. These smells are powerful reminders of happy times. Erase this thought and think of an unpleasant odour ; smell of cooked fish or cabbage, a damp basement or dirty laundry or how about the smell of rancid oil furnace; like the smell of an old woodshed with a 45 of stove oil. That smell bothers me. These odours tell a sad story that contrasts the pleasant times. Makes you want to open the windows and air out the house. Swiss style! Better still you want to get out of the house and gasp for fresh air. Cough, cough! Riccola you shout!

There has been a growing trend to use sprays to deodorize houses. These sprays are supposed to neutralize the offensive odour not mask them. The problem is the sprays themselves have become the problem! There’s Fabrize and Glade plugin puffers. Fabric softeners are another source of unnecessary perfume. They have vanilla and violet scents. Some of them puff two different odours at alternate times. OHG! Gag! Rescue me!

So here’s the deal. These powerful perfumes are irritating! They cloud the air with horrid cloying smells that make some people gag when they visit a home. Many of my buyer clients have complained and some have asked simply, “go in first” to test the air and tell them if it’s safe to enter! Imagine that? It’s true, right Dorothy! Some people are very sensitive to perfumes. Sellers ask me if each room should have a plug in puffer. My advice to sellers is take heed to this timely tip! Clean the house very well. Run a dehumidifier in the basement to lower the humidity level and air out the house. The promotional marketing for air deodorizers is rampant. Don’t buy in! Don’t do it! Your house will be fine “au natural”. Cleaning and painting with quality paint is only way to add a fresh feel to a house for sale.