Good Ottawa Neighbourhoods

There is nothing more satisfying than placing a sold sign on a property I’ve recently listed for sale. It highlights the beginning of the end of of a long list of activities required for a sale transaction.

Today, as I attached the SOLD sign posted in a front lawn, a young man walking on the street stopped to ask about the house owner. His smile was gentle and we talked. He liked to accompany the older lady on her morning walks and missed talking with her. You see, he uses a walker despite his youth and felt comfortable walking at a slower pace with her. They used to talked about the neighbour hood flowers and how well kept the lawns were. They liked to watch children in the neighbourhood but felt that too often, bright plastic toys were left in the drive ways and it looked untidy, maybe even unsafe. We talked a while and after a while, he looked up at a yellow leafed birch tree as the cool wind pushed up on the leaves.

It’s an early fall this year. Maples are just starting to turn colour and black starlings flock, whistle and sing in the trees. He said he walks alone now, missing his walking companion. And what about the new owners he asked. They’re a young couple with lots of energy. They want to do some renovating. I think they’ll have some children in the next couple of years. I added, they’ll probably have children that leave plastic toys in the drive way just like the other neighbourhood kids. He laughed and thanked me for talking with him.