Ottawa Kitchen Design Trends

Have you noticed the glossy magazines featuring kitchen makeovers? Like, this is the most important room in the house! My wealth and affluence are showcased in my kitchen renovated with the most up to date gadgets colours textures and appliances. Like what happened to the garage with the Porche and the Harley parked outside? Aren’t they a show off? They are a display of your affluence but they’re passe brother. If you wanna be hip you gotta have the sleek dark brown wood cupboards and counters. Granite counter tops, island, Garland gas cook top, and electric convection oven, stainless ventalator, tumbled glass back splash, halogen pot lighting, oh, my lord the list goes on and on with stainless this and porcelain that Pogenpole this and Ladylux Grohe to top it off. It’s like another language. What has happened in the evolution of the domestic kitchen?
I’m going to look at the changes in kitchen design trends throughout the last century in the next couple of coming Blogs. Stay tuned, there are surprises! Kitchens are fascinating and they reveal a lot about our changing social stereotypes. Have any questions?