When to call your Ottawa Home Inspector, before or after an offer?

At today’s Open House I was asked when to do a home inspection, before submitting an offer or after?

That’s a great question. So much depends on the market energy and the ability of the buyer to perceive possible problems and solutions. Imagine if four people are lined up to make an offer on the Ottawa house you want? It is smart to ask your real estate agent in advance what experience they have with building inspectors, building practices, old and new and what their track record is with the building report once completed. What is a home inspection supposed to do?

I’d be inclined to secure the house you want with an accepted offer. Then I’d proceed with an inspection. This way the buyer can always renegotiate when something is discovered that causes concern.

There are two emotional peaks buyers and seller experience when moving through a purchase transaction. The offer stage is a big emotional stress for everyone, then it calms down a bit when both parties agree on a price and date. The building inspection is booked and another worrisome period begins. Many sellers don’t know what is in the attic or how the foundation is holding up. Who knows if the wiring is adequate or a safety hazard. Will the insurance company insure your Ottawa home? Just because the seller has lived in the house for 30 years doesn’t mean the buyer wants to inherit the problems!

Sometimes there are minor concerns that are taken care of by the seller before the sale closing date. Sometimes the price is reduced to compensate for larger problems. Your real estate professional is the key to “pulling it all together” .Talk about the Ottawa home buying process and discuss the “what ifs” with your agent.

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