Hanging Artwork is part of Staging a Home for Sale


Hanging Art Work is part of Home Staging

It’s fun to personalize interior walls with photos, posters and paintings. Here is what I suggest to make the hanging of artwork easy. Ask a helper to hold the artwork on the wall to position it. You generally want the art work low on the wall, just lower than half the wall height. When you are happy with the position mark the spot on the wall at the top of the frame with a pencil. Then turn the frame around and measure from the top of the frame to hanging wire pulled tight. Return to the wall and place two nails slightly apart at the same measurement down from your pencil mark. The second nail helps to keep the work from tilting. Easy!
Tip 1. Adding a small curl of masking tape behind the bottom two corners is another way to steady a painting.
Tip 2. Positioning is very important! Frames placed high on the wall have the effect of reducing  the ceiling height. Frames placed lower on the walls give the appearance of higher ceilings and add a spacious feel.
Tip 3. Consider the wall space dimension when choosing art work. Wide walls accentuate the horizontal and generally you would choose a wide art piece for the wide wall. High narrow walls accommodate vertical pieces. Above a fireplace you may choose a vertical art piece to emphasize the ceiling height and the strength of the fireplace. 
Tip 4. Hanging two or more art works is more challenging because you want the frames to line up and look even. First check that all the wire hangers are spaced equally from the top of the frame. Have a helper place the first or middle frame on the wall and mark it with a pencil. Mark the left and right side as well. Add the space between the frames and use the ceiling as your base measure to transfer the height for the additional frames on the left or right sides. A level is good but using the ceiling is often more pleasing to the eye.
Tip 5. Use professional hooks with thin nails and angled to securely hold art work. It makes the job easier. Adjustable hooks allow an up down movement using a screw mechanism. These are very useful when absolute accuracy is needed.