Don and Betty Fry Celebrate!

The reward for continued maintenance and smart renovation is a Buyer willing to pay more than full price when it comes time to move to an alternate residence. It also took patience waiting for the right buyer to come along. Patience isn’t easy when all they wanted was action on the house. It took faith. Faith and trust in their Real estate agent that he was correct in his vision of the perspective Buyer. Faith that their house was priced wisely when it was priced much higher than neighbourhood home sale prices. Finally it took focused energy. Focusing their actions to improve and finish prior house projects to make the house whole and complete for the new owner.

Preparation and staging is an important part of selling. In sales you are showing off the architecture and not showing your personal choice furnishings, although I suggest choice furniture and fine wall treatment help to attract a specific Buyer. Knowing the Buyer’s demographics such as age, income, and education play an important factor in the staging process and ultimately the sale price.