Ottawa West Cottages with the Elder Real Estate Group

Ottawa West Cottages Real EstateDid you know the Elder Real Estate Group can guide you through the process of buying or selling a cottage? And as an added bonus…

Martin Elder is able to access the many lakes far from Ottawa using a float plane. This provides buyers and sellers with greater flexibility and takes a fraction of the travel time normally associated with road travel.

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How to choose a cottage real estate agent?

Don’t you love the peace and quiet of the cottage; the uncomplicated, the slower pace of life? Its proximity to nature. The waves of the lake lap at the dock creating the familiar rhythmic sound of water and dock rigging. The Warm breeze on a sunny day, they are perfect for canoeing, sailing, or hiking.

For some people this is no longer what they want. They don’t like the long drive. They no longer like the isolation and inconvenience of leaving their city home and starting all over again supplying the kitchen for comfort. In short, they want to sell their cottage. How to choose a cottage real estate agent? or recreational property agent ?

Most Cottage buyers are city people and they list their cottage with their city agent. Many agents have expertise in the city as well as the cottage area. Some don’t. They are familiar with septic systems and wells. Some of them know about riparian rights and shared access or limited access to remote waterfront properties. Some don’t have the time or inclination to invest in recreational property sales. These are some of the important questions for the buyers. For the seller it’s another question; who to choose to sell the cottage !

Most remote cottages can be easily accessed by float plane making the hour or more on poorly marked or unmarked roads much easier. Imagine giving directions to your real estate agent hoping he’ll find the right cottage: go to the log cabin at the north east peninsula on Wolf Lake. Good luck and the trip may take the whole day! No one to ask directions during the week. Everyone is working in town. Oh yes! The cottage has two towering pine trees and a dock at the water front. Don’t they all? The key is under the bolder at the foot of the first tree. A real estate agent with a float plane is able to access the cottage with relative ease, take the measurements, take photos, post several For Sale Signs; one at the waterfront dock and another at the road entry. Attach a lock box and take an aerial photo to post on the agent’s favourite web sites.

It is sometimes possible to use the float plane to visit with the owner. They can review the condition of the property and adjacent cottages. Explain some of the important features of the geography. All this is so much easier and faster in a float plane.

For a cottage buying it makes sense to visit several properties located at different lakes all on a morning’s tour and be back in Ottawa or Kingston by noon. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant way to choose a cottage! Call me. Interesting discussion. There is lots to consider.