From the terminal tower in Watson Lake.

A small update on the progress of the international Air Rally।

The group of pilots is deliberating about the weather. We’re using everything available to help us decide what to do next. We all want visual conditions but there is a lot obscuring the sky. Everyone is stressed about the weather.It’s hard to sit and wait at this historic airport. Debbie and I have taken some long walks to meet people and to see the natural vegitation.

We’re in Watson Lake Yukon smoke from forest fires to dissipate in about 2 hours after light rain finishes and clears out the smoke from the mountains east to Fort Simpson NWT। Last night we saw snow in the high mountains over northern BC। I spotted three small forest fires and reported them to authorities. People at our destinations have received us very well. Frequently there is a community BBQ and festivities some speeches. I met a 3 year old native boy on the tarmac yesterday and he sat on the wing when we taxied over to the fuel pumps. Then his mom wanted to go for a ride in the airplane with her other four children. I couldn’t do it mostly because of fire fighting bombers were making regular landings and take offs and the air was congested.

The other participants come from all over Canada, USA, France Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand. They are all well qualified and friendly. I enjoy the camaraderie. We’ve flown through trying and for me stressful air.mostly due to obscured skys, low ceilings in fog and rain and mostly due to smoke.Can you imagine smoke to 6500 feet! Tome that constitutes near IFR conditions.

We will be heading east to Churchill MB soon.

There has been considerable interest in Cornerstone Women’s shelter and I hear donations have been arriving both by on line sources and by personal cheque. I thank you for your donations and I’m proud of my clients and the Keller Williams culture for supporting me.

it’s interesting to see the housing in this area. It seems there are a lot of temporary structures. There are a lot of rental accomodations. The community is transient. There are a lot of families that rely on the drilling and mining operations. Surprisingto see big rigs onthe highway hauling mostly equipment from Asia. Viewed a construction site where foundations wer only 4 feet underground. Ithought tht due to frost heave they’d need to put the concrete a minimum of 8 feet!

I’ll try to send off another email from Churchill MB.

Best wishes,