In a recent conversation over a glass of wine we discussed the title of this blog. It was interestingand revealing. Of course the blog is about my experiences and opinions in real estate matters in Ottawa, Ontario. But frequently I encounter curiosities and personalities that go beyond the text book. It’s what makes life interesting.

So as the conversation goes, instead of Thoughtful Agent in Ottawa talking about “real estate matters” a slip of the tongue made it “reveal estate matters” almost makes it sound like a Dear Abby gossip column! And why not? Exactly! There are situations that are real eye openers to the psychology of human behaviour. Real estate is driven by strong emotions, emotions that build suddenly and can have a dramatic temporary impact on behaviour.

Temporary changes I’ve seen can have the effect of changing a mild mannered gentleman into a frustrated vengeful seven year old in the play ground. There is the aggressive foreword posture. Shouting, wide eyes, and even accusations, all are part of the performance. Then, just as quickly, with a few strokes of the proverbial pen, things are back in perspective, we’re happy and I’m once again talking with the gentleman. Sound like, looks like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Yes?

I suppose that’s why experienced real estate professionals cruise a narrower band of emotional flow. That’s what makes them professionals. A little detached; like a poker player. It’s what gives them the negotiating edge in an offer.

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