There are a number of condos built in the 1970s to 1985 period that are excellent value compared to newly built condominiums. They are high rise properties located in pockets along the east west corridor of Ottawa; Richmond Road, Carling Ave, Parkdale Ave, Baseline Road, St. Laurent Blvd and Rideau Streets .

  • These early units can be characterized as rental buildings which were later converted to condo ownership. They have grand entries and wide halls. There is underground parking and open landscaped areas around the building. Frequently the laundry is on every other floor or is located in the basement. Balconies are deep and spacious. These condos have rooms for wood working, libraries, and social gathering areas. The buildings often feature an indoor pool, guest room suites and bicycle rooms are growing in popularity. There are active social environments in these buildings because the layout promotes interaction between owners.

  • The price for a two bed two bath condo with a balcony ranges from $220,000 to $260,000 and condo fees are from $360 to $530 a month for heat hydro, A/C , water and management fees. Most of these condos are located in low density residential areas. A walk to the grocery store or coffee shop is possible. Bus transportation routes service these condos. Many are located close to the Ottawa River so park land is a walk away to forests quiet water settings where ducks and turtles are found.

Northwest One, Halcyon, Marina Bay, The Barclay are some popular condos in this group. The Poulin of Northwest One is pictured on the left below and the Barclay is to the right.

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