It was raining and I insisted on continuing with an Open House in Ottawa. Sure a sunny day would have been more pleasant and cheerier. So the Open House Signs were distributed to strategic locations by 9 am. I visited the house to check on Temperature. I lit the lights and added some soft music and finished by closing all toilet lids. Who wants to see the toilet bowl even if it’s an expensive $600 toilet! These actions allowed me to return at 2 pm; the open house start time, and have everything ready to go. Next, I picked up the cake; all boxed with curled frilly ribbons and chilled the Champagne. I like that part. I placed the glasses, Champagne bucket, paper plates and forks in the car. I added the table cloth and candle holders. Hey! don’t for get the elegant tapered candles and lighter!

I printed all my feature sheets. On the back, I printed all relevant homes in the area that recently sold or are active. Good for comparing. I had a small nap so that I’d be fresh and engaging when prospective Buyers entered the house. The rest is as you see in the video! About 28 visitors in total with four people interested in the house. That’s good for everyone.

After the Open House clean up and lock doors. Visit people with enquiries…and pick up all the signs. before dinner.

MARTIN ELDER BROKER Keller Williams Ottawa Realty

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