Thoughtful Agent in Ottawa, comments on the increased pace of interested Buyers in Ottawa West and Orleans. Which way is the harse going?
Giddy up there people! There seems to be increased interest in the housing market since the US election. Have to remember that there was a Canadian election not so long ago too and consumer conficence has taken a fast toboggan slide. However of late, Buyers have raised their mittens in an attempt to take advantange of record low interest rates and the seeming confusing housing market. Is it a sellers market or a buyers market? Certainly the public is not comitted one way or the other but from my vantage point it is still a smart buyer and sellers market! Yes that’s so…
So how could it be both? Well smart buyers are takeing advantage of the traditional early spring market before consumer demand pushed prices upward. They are also taking advantage of seller anxiety. Those faced with all the doom and gloom about recession and believing it. For Sellers, there is not many good or unique homes for sale yet. So a well prepared home will attract a committed well informed buyer willing pay for a unique home. This goes for condos and detached homes.
There is so much diversity in the Ottawa population. It’s all over the demographic spectrum. People are choosing to sell and buy up or stop renting and dive into ownership. It’s a wonderful thing to see! And so you ask, why my choice of photo for this entry? Simple! Is it the cart before the house or is the horse pulling the cart. I have a good idea where the harse is going!
It is actually the old family wagon at Dovercourt Community Centre in Westboro

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