Houses rarely burn down but it happened just like this in Westboro and it happened to me in 1984.  I learned then how important accurate documentation of your insurance policy can be.  When the insurance adjustor arrived at 8 am after the firemen departed he arrogantly informed me that I had no insurance coverage for the house. I was already shocked and frightened at the loss of my cherished house. That I had no valid insurance was like a clap of thunder and I was unable to respond. I had paid the house insurance premium every year without fail. What could have gone wrong?

Fortunately, I was able to produce insurance documents kept in a secure place. They were not burned or wet.  I had each year since I purchased the house stored in a folder and they proved to be a life saver. There was a small detail in past records proving that I had accurately described the house. Thankfully, I had proof of insurance and funds where made available to me to rebuild my house to the total amount of the insurance policy. 

You can’t be watching your house and property all the time but thankfully home insurance is a useful back up product when you’re not at home. Fire InsuranceDon’t leave home without it. 

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