I just returned from visiting six different condos in Ottawa west. They are located along the narrow corridor between Carling Avenue and the Ottawa River. I’ve previously visited many of the condo units but there is always something to surprise me. First, there is a difference in the archetecture reflecting the date the condo was built. Some are high rise buildings towering up 23 floors and others are low rise with the pent house units on the sixth floor.
Early condos built in the 1970, grew from rental apartment buildings which were later transformed to Condo units. Many of the earlier buildings have shared laundry facilities either centred on the lower level such as the basement or are located on every floor, or every other floor. For some people the lack of an in-unit laundry is a major obstacle in transitioning into a condo. For others the higher price of condos with in-unit laundries is the price you have to pay.
Another feature that should interest buyers of Condos in Ottawa is the presence of indoor parking in an old condo vs. a new condos where parking is at a premium. In fact new condos don’t include a parking spot. Parking can be purchased seperately from the living unit but don’t forget condo fees are paid by the square foot and your parking may have a seperate condo and municipal tax fee whereas with older condos the fees are blended into the total cost of operation and maintenance for the building.

Older Ottawa condos have a boxier feeling. It might be the narrower halls that contribute to this feeling. Some however have floor to ceiling windows that allow the light to pour in. Newer condos feature the loft influence where ceilings are high and wall partitions are free standing. Ceilings are frequently open and showing the mechanical details of wiring ventalation and building materials. Remember the loft concept originated when designers reclaimed old factory buildings in down town centres and transformed them into fashionable living units. light texture and blending of old and new are features in the original Ottawa lofts. The loft style will be diluted with softening touches in today’s stylish luxury loft but you’ll still see a reference to form and function.

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