Real Estate Marketing Knowledge

Today I attended an all day real estate seminar relating to marketing on the internet. We had a guest flown in from Seattle, Washington to give us his view on where business the of marketing is going in the future. I found it interesting and valuable.

There are so many ways to have an Ottawa house listings appear on the internet market. Of course there is the MLX and my personal web site but I didn’t think of using Twitter, Active Rain, Craigs List and Facebook to spotlight a home or community. Interesting that when these additional marketing tools are used there is a strong likleyhood that Google and Yahoo search engines will also show the links to the house soon after the property is listed. So this marketing management has a life of it’s own to in effect raise or magnify the presence of an Real estate Agent. This is good news for Ottawa Buyers and Sellers

The proper use of Keyworks, addresses, and community infromation works creates a presence on the web that helps Buyers find the listing first. The use of photos and especially short Video clips to showcase the home and community are very important in the ranking of websites.

This week I’m listing a home on Crownhill in Cardinal Heights. I’ve know of this home since I was a Boy Scout in 1968! Imagine the house selling back then for about $16,000. Doesn’t seem like a lot of money now but back then it was the average price of a house in Ottawa. The average price of a home in Cardinal Heights today is about $280,000.

We’ve had stagers into the home to help prepare the house for the listing day. The Staging began with an appraisal of the personal furnishings that could be used for display in the house. Then almost everything was packed and moved to the garage for storage while the walls were painted. Next the carpets were cut rolled up removed to reveal good maple hardwood floors. The floors have been prepared and shine. The windows have been cleaned. The next stage is to return the furniture to the house and decorate in a manner that 90% of the target Buyers will like the house and seriously consider buying the house. There is a science to back this up and it increased the price of the home and reduces the number of days on the market. In short it means more money for the Seller.

This staging is to no use if no one see the house! That’s why this course we attended today is so valuable. It helps to showcase the home on the internet which by the way is where 84% of Buyers go to shop for a house for sale in Ottawa.